Almost there

After another amazing day sunday im feeling more confident than ever  about my up comming contest on Aug 6 2011,

Started off the day with some practice on the viper press with the log, i need to master this move in order to be a real threat in this sport, moved on too work on the lifts in the meadly, keg carry,chain drag, and sandbag carry had some troube dragging the chain on the gyms rubber flooring  so i had to get the chain out side to be able to drag it, moving with the keg felt good so ill be a beast on that. Once i finnished that  moved on to the axle bar clean and press normally i lift 210 but since training is specific to what your doing i had to drop down to contest weight at 185 because i dont have a axle bar to practice with so that impacts the amount ov weight i use (axle bar is thicker) so i knocked down 185 for 10 reps, finnished up with a 700lb tire flip. so when 8-6-11 comes ill be ready  <– this is the pdf link to more info about my competition


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