Your why isnt strong enough

“I’ll do it later.”, .. That’syour first problem we all want to be in better shape but the problem with a lot of us is our WHYisn’tstrong enough. You say you want to “drop ten pounds preparing for summer” ok then what are you gonna do to make that happen? Let’s get serious about what we want to do make  list of things you want to accomplish and then get started taking the daily steps to see it happen another thing that will help you become more fit will be training for something, that way you can measure your progress. So let’s find something that you have always been interested in fitness modeling , Natural bodybuilding, basketball league, whatever it is lets peel ourselves from our couch, chair, floor, bed, whatever it is that s keeping you from living the life that you
want to live if you need help hire a professional and let’s get moving!!

“Either you do or you don’t there is no try”



One thought on “Your why isnt strong enough

  1. I love your blog about the “Why to work out.”After several pregnancy losses I gained 10 lbs of nasty fat around my mid-section, hips, glutes, and thighs. My WHY: To get in the best shape of my life so I can bring another life to this world… in time, sweat, and determination I will be the best ME!

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