Things i learned

So on 10/1/11 i competed in my first strongman contest after about a year of saying i wanted to be a strongman and then another four months of off and on training i finally go serious and on October 1st 2011 i competed in Delaware’s Strongest man and brought home a second place finnish in the novice group so here is a little bit of what i learned during the contest

You’re not strong!!!

There is always someone else that is bigger, stronger and better than you by one rep you
must train with a purpose to make sure that person is you.

Expect the unexpected

Even though you think you know what the weights will be always be prepared for something to
change you must train in a way that you can adapt to any changes in weight, and
that is where following a program or getting help from a Strength pro to be

Do cardio!!!!!

Don’t fall into this idea that you can’t do cardio because you will lose muscle, now if you
do excessive amounts of cardio and don’t eat enough protein , carbs, healthy
fats then yes you will look like the letter i . Strongman isn’t powerlifting
yes we do lift heavy weight but some events require maximal strength as well as
muscle endurance so adding some type of cardio be it HIIT or just some sprinting
whatever it is just do  cardio!

Have a proper flexibility and dynamic warm-up routine

This is key if you want to last a in the sport. While warming up I noticed a  few of the other competitors either didn’t warm-up
of had very poor routines a few static stretches and that was it there is no
way that you should prepare to lift with maximal effort with a few static
stretches that will relax the muscle

Stay Hydrated!!!

There is no reason to elaborate on this one there is a lot of down time in between events
depending on the contest so staying hydrated is crucial

Have Fun

Yes you’ve trained for months and you’re ready to make a name for yourself but make sure you have
fun everyone else will be having a good time soyou should too


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