The whole picture


Recently I started riding my bike to work my job is about 6 miles away from where I live and if you know me then you know how I feel about it, riding that far is as about as enjoyable as cutting grass with scissors, but as I’m making the ride back home after a long day of motivating people to be better with each revolution of the pedal my legs become more and more tired and heavy. But all I kept saying as I rode up the steep incline was I jus gotta make it to the next light then I can rest, and as I said this to myself I would set my eyes on the traffic light and just pedal until I was looking at it hang over my head as a passed under it. I knew that it was three light before I would get to my rest point what I didn’t realize was that I had passed my rest point and made it to the end of the street I wasn’t home yet but the hard part was over. It was smooth sailing from there and I felt as if I had conquered the world. I kept my bike on the same gear that forced me to work extra hard to get to the top and rode until I made it home.  So don’t go for the easy route when things get a lil hard stand up and pedal harder if you want it bad enough you’ll get there. Set your eyes on the light.


2 thoughts on “The whole picture

    1. its been tough but i feel great when i muster up all my strength and will to make it to the top of one of those hills and then im like AHHHHH only two or three more hills to go

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