As we approach the holiday season a lot of us will indulge in some of our favorite holiday foods, cakes, cookies, pies, you know the things we tell ourselves that its ok to have because it’s the holiday season, and that makes it ok. So before we start to put our bodies into a sugar and fat induced coma let’s talk about one vitally important nutrient that most of us don’t get enough of. This nutrient is so important that if you don’t get enough of it all those delicious baked goods will clog up your body faster than a DC freeway (Believe me you don’t want this )  This important nutrient is WATER, yes water the most important thing you need every day is water  here are some of the benefits of water

  • Water has no calories so if your following a nutrition plan (and you should be ) water will eliminate empty calories that you get when you drink pop and sugar filled juice
  • 60% of your body is made of water  so even a 2% drop in hydration will affect your performance in the gym
  • Being properly hydrated will keep your skin from looking wrinkled and dry.
  • Helps your kidneys function properly drinking enough water will keep your body flushing out toxins

I can go all day about the benefits of drinking more water but I think you understand. Now if your and athlete or you like training then you should already know that water is vitally important to you staying healthy as I said before a 2% drop in hydration can cause you to have a lackluster performance in the gym or on in your sport. Drinking more water isn’t hard to do; here are a few ways you can get more of the good stuff

  • Drink water with every meal  especially when you eat out it not only saves calories but it saves money (double bonus )
  • Eat more fruits and veggies they are loaded with water and good for you vitamins (again bonus)
  • Keep a bottle of water in your car, at work, and in your gym bag I recommend a metal reusable one

Listen you train hard don’t mess it up by not getting enough water it’s not that hard it’s as simple as sweet potato pie



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