5 Habits for your leanest summer ever !!!

Put nutrition before exercise

When most people think about losing weight or getting in shape, they think about exercise. They sign up for a gym, hire a personal trainer, or grab a book or a magazine to find a workout plan. But while exercise is a crucial part of losing weight and getting healthy, I’d argue that it’s not the most important piece.

Find a big motivator

We’ve all heard that to make a big change, motivation must come from inside. And it’s true. We all need a “reason why” — a real purpose and a sense of why losing fat and getting in shape is important to us. But sometimes you need extra motivation to actually start making change. You need a big motivator that pushes you into action.

Do one small thing a day

If something is important enough to you will do it every day,  And that’s no different when it comes to building a better more lean you so focusing making small changes as opposed to attempting to change everything all at once makes is easier to make a change and stick to it

Find someone to answer to

You need someone in your corner who helps keep you accountable and picks you up when your motivation wanes.

Measure actions not outcomes

We can’t control outcomes, but we can control our actions that may lead to those outcomes. In other words, you can’t focus on losing 20 pounds since it’s an outcome that’s out of your control. Every day you step on the scale, you’re focusing on what you don’t have.

“I still have 17 pounds to go. I’m not even close to there yet. This is so frustrating.”

Instead of focusing on the outcome, our clients focus on their action, the small, healthy things they do consistently every day. Instead of focusing on what they don’t have, they turn their attention to what they do have.

“I’m going to do my workout today.”

“I’m going to practice my new habit and eat 5 servings of vegetables.”

“I’m going to read my lesson and contact my coach if I have a question.”

Actions practiced daily and built up over time, lead to amazing results. Focusing on outcomes only leads to frustration and despair.

Let your Coach track your results

While you’re busy with your daily habits and behaviors, you’ll need someone — a coach, a trainer, a friend who’s made a similar transformation — to monitor your progress and make small adjustments if needed.

This frees you to focus on the most important thing within your control: your daily behaviors.


source: Maximum strength by Eric cressy

source: http://www.precisionnutrition.com/



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