What does Fitness mean to you?



Since i started training back in summer before i became a freshman in high school, the term Fitness has changed in meaning for me. I used to think that fit people were the people that ran all the time or the men who were bodybuilders, I wanted to be fit so thats what i did however i learned that running 5-10 miles a day didn’t help me become a bigger, stronger, faster football player. And as for the bodybuilding training, well thats still a work in progress. Later when i became a personal trainer i believed that everyone should train like a bodybuilder 3×10 of everything squats, bench press, lunges, curls, pulldowns  etc. The only problem with this is my clients and i never had enough time to get everything done. Realizing something had to change i dove back into my books and learned and relearned as much as i could about fitness. I wanted to redefine what fitness meant to me. My core beliefs being that everyone should pull something heavy, lift something heavy, push something, carry something heavy, run a mile and not pass out afterwards. and have the muscular endurance to perform bodyweight movements like pull-ups, push-ups and bodyweight squats for more than 10 reps. Working with many types of people over the years from collegiate athletes to fat loss clients blending my beliefs with what they believe fitness is i’ve been able to help many people become their own definition of fitness. So what does Fitness mean to you??


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