Your Fat loss Compass

Principals of Fat loss

1. Have a plan: “Fail to plan and plan to fail”- John Wooden
This principle is going to be the most important of them all. Without a plan you won’t know how you’ll reach your destination. This is going to be a tough road so you’re going to want to plan this out thoroughly so planning your meals, training times, rest days, even what you’ll do when those cravings hit will be critical to your success. Remember what John Wooden said “fail to plan and plan to fail”.

2. Drink plenty of water:
You may think that this could go under having a proper diet, but this one is important enough to have its own space. 75% of your body is made from water. So naturally you can see how getting enough water is important to you bodily function, such as lubricating your joints. Helps to regulate body temperature, eliminates toxins from your body just to name a few. So make sure that you’re getting plenty of water.

3. Eat Clean and eliminate GMO and other unnatural foods:
You can’t out train a bad diet plain and simple. Eating a lot of unnatural and highly processed foods can lead to a ton of health issues. Many illnesses can be treated with a proper diet consisting of lean protein, plenty of veggies, healthy fats complex carbs and of course water.
So don’t let all your hard work be wasted don’t eat crap.

4. Exercise frequently:
Consistency is the key here, in addition to having a plan FOLLOWING that plan is just as important. Empires aren’t built overnight they are built with consistent work and dedication to the process. Exercise isn’t only restricted to weight training find something you enjoy and challenges you and make that part of your program.

5. Use compound lifts and explosive movements:
Compound lifts use multiple joints to complete the movement. Putting more stress on more than one muscle in turn requiring more energy overall. A few examples would be Barbell Squats, Barbell Deadlifts, and Overhead Presses. Single joint movements like Dumbbell curls don’t have the same benefit that the compound lifts do so when looking to build muscle and lose body fat prioritizing compound lifts over single joint lifts will be key to your success.

6. Challenge yourself:
Our bodies are highly adaptive, and your muscles can and will adapt to any imposed demands placed upon it. You must consistently push yourself to become 1% better every day
Slow progress is better than no progress and continuing to challenge yourself will help you break through plateaus in your journey.

7. Get plenty of rest:
Going hard in the gym is great and that’s a good thing, but too much of a good thing can be bad, you wouldn’t drive your expensive luxury muscle car into a brick wall going 100mph would you?? NO! then don’t do it with your body, all your hard work will be wasted if you get sidelined with an overuse injury or even worse because you neglected to give your body time to recover so use these 7 principles to guide you as you take this journey of a lifetime.


Food. part 1



When making a lifestyle change such as changing your eating habits and frequency of activity whether its weightlifting, hiking, group classes, etc it can be intimidating, frustrating or downright confusing. Becoming a healthier version of yourself can be very simple and easy. What can be challenging is being CONSISTENT that’s what’s going to get you to where you want to be. So improving your eating habits is a great place to start. Below is a set of simple guidelines to follow that can easily be implemented into anyone’s life.
• Organic or Non GMO foods
• Minimally processed
• Wild Caught
• Locally grown
• In season fruits and veggies
Implementing these guidelines into your life will help to ensure that you’re getting the best and freshest foods available.

Super Foods

Some foods pack a huge benefit over others, such as using spinach instead of iceberg lettuce and foods that are packed full of antioxidants like blueberries and blackberries. Here is a short list of some super foods.
• Dark Chocolate
• Beans
• Blueberries
• Broccoli
• Oats
• Oranges/ Citrus fruits
• Pumpkin
• Salmon/ and other cold water fish
• Spinach
• Green Tea
• Tomatoes
• Walnuts
• Yogurt

S0 remember being CONSISTENT is the key to success everyday will be a new challenge but I know you can be successful. for more information on in season produce for your state click here –>  in season produce.


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