This is my current program its a complex program hitting all the major lifts developing strength, power and speed strength

MONDAY– Overhead press/ Squat

  1. Top half seated overhead press 2-5 reps
  2. Standing military press 3-5 reps
  3. Push press 2-3 reps
  4. Medicine ball push-press throw overhead  8-10 reps
  5. Feet elevated Plyo push-up 8-10 reps


  1. TOP half squat 2-5 reps
  2. Front squat 3-5
  3. Power snatch 3-5 reps
  4. Jump squat 8-10 reps ( using 45 lb plate )
  5. Bodyweight vertical jump series  8-10 reps
  6. Back wards sprint sled drag

 Tuesday- Deadlift/Bench press

  1. Top half dead-lift 3-5 reps
  2. Dead-lift from the floor 3-5 reps
  3. Power clean from hanging or blocks  3-5 reps
  4. Jump dead-lift
  5. Broad jumps 8-10 reps


  1. Top half bench 3-5 reps
  2. Full Bench press 3-5 reps
  3. Speed Db press 5 reps
  4. Medicine ball chest throw
  5. Plyo push up 5-10 reps

Wendsday-Squat / Overhead Press

Thursday-Bench / Deadlift

This is not a beginners program this I designed for someone who has a base of strength

*Program Courtesy of Christian Thibadeau.



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